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Optim Plus


Optim Plus(+) is a program unique to DevOpSpace offering a powerful tool to ensure that your cloud infrastructure is always secure and within the budget. The program is well designed for both who self-manage their AWS/Azure cloud infrastructure, or for our fully managed service customers. Optim Plus(+) ensures that you have no stones unturned on your cloud environment where your business workloads are hosted. You get access to each nook and corner of your infrastructure from a single and easy to access dashboard.

Why DevOpSpace?

Full visibility into your cloud infrastructure.

Priority support

Our easy to access support for any queries.

Drive Your Cloud Transformation


Get complete visibility into the resources being used under multi-cloud/accounts. Keep an eye on your cloud costs at a much granular level as you always wanted.


Get detailed and real time recommendations to optimize your cloud spend separated at an account level. One click fix speeds up the optimization process right from the same dashboard.

Tag management

Tags are an important concept in any public cloud, which will help to streamline the complete inventory and cost. Automating this process ensures that you have the control on the resources provisioned.

Security & Health

Keep your infrastructure secure from "n" number of attacks in this digital age. The single pane of glass ensures that you always know the vulnerabilities within your cloud environment.


Simply automate your mundane tasks like provisioning, scheduling, security rule validation, backup and optimization rules on cloud to ensure you spend time on other critical things.

Governance & Reporting

Set health and budget alerts to ensure that your infrastructure is not beyond your control. Create custom dashboards for a more quicker view of what is the most required.

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