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Frequently Asked Questions

For an end user, there is no change in the way they interact with the application. It is always recommended to host an application on cloud, if it is expected to have an unexpected peak traffic or number of users. To make full use of cloud benefits, its recommended to develop the application considering cloud native approach.
You can. There are a lot of mobile apps that are hosted on cloud.
The fundamental benefit of cloud is PAYG capability, which means that there are no upfront investments and you only pay for what you use. The cloud architecture implemented with best practices for your application can further reduce your cloud infrastructural spend.
The data is backed up using various methodologies, for instance; the backup software supports file and folder level backup if you are using Windows, Linux or Mac, or SQL server with full, differential and/or transactional log backups, or Windows Exchange backup for e-mail servers.
There are various security services provided by leading cloud providers, which can be utilized in PAYG model. It starts from the data encryption at rest and goes on and above your application layer. Despite that, several leading 3rd party companies also provide security solutions on cloud.
There are various solutions that we use in our day to day life which are hosted on cloud. If the question is based on application hosting, it purely depends on your user base as well as the application nature. But you could make use of cloud to store your data as a backup storage or run your desktop on cloud. Speak to our technical team if you still have any confusions.
There are no specific workloads which only can be moved to cloud. There are organizations who run AD server on cloud, some run their web and mobile apps on cloud, some run the intranet apps, some even use desktops hosted on cloud.
There are RBAC mechanisms which can be implemented on cloud, which ensures that the data is accessible only to the persons who are authorized. This is the fundamental approach while storing data on cloud.
DevOpSpace encompasses a team of cloud and devops experts who can understand your pain points and help build solution to overcome them. We have our core expertise in managing public cloud environment of our customers. We are also capable to migrate your workload from your current hosting provider or provide business continuity disaster recovery solution on cloud for your critical application. We are always open to listen to your needs on cloud journey and look forward to being part of the same.
With the cloud services, small medium businesses are opened to a huge scope of using cutting edge technologies like AI, ML etc thereby advancing their businesses, with no upfront and minimal monthly spend.
Businesses should start considering hosting on public cloud platforms when they see unexpected peak usage of their applications, or when you have a SaaS application which is being used by multiple customers at once.
There are multiple ways in which you can make use of cloud. For instance, you can move your backups to a more safe, centralized, and archival storage in cloud. Or run your critical workload on cloud as a backup copy, so that your users are not affected in case of a natural or man-made disaster.