Managed Backup as a Service


Overcoming the growing complexity of IT infrastructures and sophisticated cyberattacks requires a comprehensive backup solution to keep every bit of data safe. DevOpSpace offers Managed Backup as a Service for the customers who want to rely cloud technology for backing up their critical data. We take the heavy-lifting of designing the solution based on your requirement, providing stable and cost-effective backup tools, managing backup policies, provisioning and management of storage on public cloud, ensuring complete backup protection for your critical data. With our fully managed backup service, you can be sure about your recovery time objectives (RTO) in restoring particular data that is lost.

Why DevOpSpace?

Backup service from the professional & cloud experts.

Priority support

Completely managed service & protection, so you need not worry.

Always follow 3-2-1 rules of data backup

It is highly recommended to keep 3 copies of your data – 2 in distinct local storages + 1 in cloud storage. Our data backup solution keeps your data safe across physical, virtual, cloud and mobile environments.

No matter whether you backup your complete machine or just a file or folder to the cloud storage or your local storage, periodical or real time backup, the solution supports everything.

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