Customer has a fleet of web and DB servers. The requirement is to automate the deployment of web and DB servers along with auto-rollback in case of any failure. The web server is Tomcat & Database is MS SQL server.

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Solution Brief

DevOpSpace implemented an Ansible playbook for auto-deployment.
We monitor for any class/jar/war files in source path and if any files found, we take backup of destination paths in web servers.
As a next step, copy files to respective destinations. We rollback with the backups that we took, if in case of any failure.
We also monitor for SQL scripts and if any found in source path, copy those to DB servers temp folder. Next step is sorting the SQL scripts and executing those.
Playbook exits successfully, if no error returned. In case of any errors, do a rollback for the web server deployed and the playbook fails with error message.
We also implemented strategy to maintain previous state of destination paths for easier rollback in case of any deployment error.
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