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AWS re-Invent 2020 Announcements

AWS since the start for its first time, is having completely virtual edition of re-Invent. This blog will act as a quick read to the announcements of AWS re-Invent 2020. Our expert team always tries to keep this blog updated in the next 18 days with new announcements and features coming in AWS re-Invent 2020.

Mac on EC2: AWS EC2 starts supporting MAC OS on cloud, the first of its kind. This can be used by the development teams focused on iOS apps to build, test, package and sign Xcode apps.

1 ms Billing Feature on Lambda: AWS Lambda is billed against 1 millisecond going forward with no minimum execution time. While this might not seem great for everyone, its significant for those workloads which execute within 100 ms.

S3 Multi Destination Buckets Replication: Adding to the already available S3 SRR & CRR (Same Region Replication & Cross Region Replication), AWS adds support to replicate data to multiple buckets in conjunction with above replication types.

DevOps Guru: A part of ML services on AWS cloud, DevOps Guru is intended to identify potential operational issues and recommending fixes which will affect the application availability.

S3 Strong Read-After-Write Consistency: AWS S3 eventual consistency model terminates after 14 years of service. Here comes the strong consistency model for AWS S3, which will ensure what you write is immediately available for read as well.

AWS EKS Anywhere: Run Kubernetes at your on-premise and operate using AWS EKS Anywhere feature, releasing in the next year. EKS Anywhere provides an installable software package for creating and operating Kubernetes clusters on-premises and automation tooling for cluster lifecycle support.

AWS Proton: Fully managed application deployment service for container and serverless apps.

Amazon Lookout for Equipment: Upcoming service to find out abnormal behavior, identify machine failure before it happens by analyzing the data.

Amazon Aurora Serverless v2: Serverless database which can scale up to hundreds of thousands of requests within seconds. No database storage or server to deploy and manage.

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